Box Type Closed Industrial Substation

Box-type switching industrial stations are mainly used in 10kV cable ring network power supply or terminal power supply systems to receive and distribute electric energy. This product is equipped with the SF6 gas insulated ring network cabinet produced by our company, which has the functions of full insulation, full sealing, dustproof, corrosion resistance, and maintenance-free
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It can realize different scheme combinations and meet various wiring methods. The box type closed industrial substation in the opening and closing station can also be combined with 10kV power supply PT, distributed power supply module, DTU, and communication control terminal to realize the automation of the medium voltage distribution network, which greatly improves the reliability of the urban power supply and distribution network. Its simple, convenient and flexible connection and combination mode, economical, reliable and durable structural features have become the first choice for distribution network cable engineering.

1. Small volume, cover a small area, compact structure, easy to move.

2. Simple installation, quick power supply, simple maintenance, no person on duty.

3. The box body adopts a good heat insulation and ventilation structure, beautiful and generous appearance, good heat insulation performance, and the box body is equipped with upper and lower ventilation devices. Can be equipped with forced air cooling device and automatic temperature control device, which can automatically control the temperature of the transformer, ensure the transformer to operate at full load.

4. Each independent unit can be equipped with perfect control, protection device and lighting system.

5. Safety isolation net door is set in the transformer room. Interlock device is installed on the net door to prevent entering and ensure safety.

Name Unit Data
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
High voltage unit Rated voltage kV 3 6 10 35
Maximum working voltage  kV 3. 6 7. 2 12 40.5
Power frequency withstand voltage
to earth/interphase isolating distance
kV 25/ 27 30/ 34 42/ 48 95/ 118
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
to earth/ interphase isolating distance

kV 40/ 46 60/ 70 75/ 85 185/ 215
Rated current A ≦630
Rated short-time withstand current
kA/ 2s
(kA/ 4s)
12. 5 、16、20、25、31. 5
Rated peak withstand current kA 31. 5 、40、50、63、80
\ Rated voltage V 220 380 690
Rated current of main circuit A ≦3200
Rated short-time withstand current kA/ 1s 15、30、50
 Rated peak withstand current kA 30、63、105
Rated current of branch circuit A ≦1600
Reactive power compensation capacity kvar ≦600
Transformer unit Rated capacity kVA ≦2000
Impedance voltage % 4、4. 5 、6
Tap ranges ±2X2. 5%、±5%
Connections Y/ Yn0 、D/ Yn11

Remark:Generally, transformer capacity below 315kVA is measured by low voltage, while capacity above 315kVA is measured by high voltage.

1. Altitude shall not exceed 1000m.

2. Surrounding air temperature: upper limit +40 ° C, lower limit -25 ° C (alpine region) and -5° C (general region).

3. Relative humidity of surrounding air: when the maximum temperature is +40℃, it is not more than 50%. When the temperature is low, it is allowed to have a large relative humidity. Due to the change of temperature, it may occasionally has condensation effect.

4. Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 34m/s.

5. The Inclination of the Ground shall not exceed 3°.

6. The horizontal acceleration of the earthquake shall not exceed 0.4m/s, and the vertical acceleration shall not exceed 0.2m/s.

7. The installation site shall be free from fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

Note: if the actual conditions of use cannot be met, please consult with the manufacturer.

Q: Are you the manufacturer or trader?

A: We are both manufacturer & trader. We have our own manufacturer named TIANYI TONGYI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD, who have 27 years experience in electric industry. It covers an totally area of 117,000 m2 with 300 employees, also is a qualified supplier of China National Nuclear Corporation(CNNC) and main supplier for State Grid & China Southern Power Grid.

Q: What is your after-sales service?

A: We always provide free online service and technical support within 24 hours. 18 months warranty for customers.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Normally 25~35days. It depends on the order quantity and season. We have very strong capacity to produce top quality products, please inquiry us if you have any questions.

Q: What is the quality warranty time?

A: We have quality certificate CCC, CQC, ISO9001, CE ... Meanwhile, we can provide 18 months warranty for our products. Free online service and technical support within 24 hours is always provided to our customers.

Q: Do you accept ODM and OEM?

A: Yes. We have professional R & D teams to update and develop the latest technology. We also can support ODM or OEM, please send us details drawing to discuss.

Q: What is your payment terms?

A: Generally there are two payment terms:

a) 30% advance payment via T/T as a deposit, balance 70% against the shipping documents

b) Irrevocable L/C at sight

Q: If I want to visit you, how to go?

A: Our factory is located in Luoyuan County, Fuzhou City. Details address is Songshan Area, Taiwan Investment Zone, Luoyuan County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province,China.

a) The nearest airport is Fuzhou Airport, if you come by air, please arrive in Fuzhou Airport, it takes 1 hour from the airport to our factory

b) The nearest train station is Luoyuan Station, if you come by train, please arrive in Luoyuan Station, it takes only 5 minutes to our factory.

Anyway, please contact us in advance, we will send the car to the airport or train station to pick you up.Sincerely welcome you to come and visit us.

Q: Do you need agents?

A: Yes, we welcome you to be a partner. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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