ZW68-12 Intelligent Complete set of Pole-mounted circuit breaker Introduction
October 27 , 2020

The ZW68-12 intelligent complete set of pole-mounted circuit breaker is a new generation of integrated intelligent automatic vacuum circuit breaker. Suitable for protection and control in power distribution systems of substations and industrial and mining enterprises, and more suitable for rural power grids and frequently operated places.

It's a second-time fusion product:

  • Deep integration of isolation switch and vacuum switch
  • Comprehensive integration of secondary components and primary components
  • Positive pressure environmental protection gas lasting moisture-proof (the switch is filled with 0.02MP dry air, the annual leakage rate is less than 0.05%)
  • Protection grade reaches IP67, all-round waterproof

Product Feature:

1. Deep integration

The vacuum interrupter is deeply integrated with the direct-acting isolation knife switch, and is solid-sealed into a whole.
2. Using sleeve type PT and CT, the measuring element and the switching element are deeply integrated.

3. Environmentally friendly gas insulation
The switch is filled with 0.02MP positive pressure dry gas, which is durable and moisture-proof. Even if it is not inflated, it can meet the insulation performance requirements.

4. Protection level
The operating mechanism, solid-sealed poles, primary and secondary components, etc. are all placed in an integrally cast aluminum alloy shell, with a protection level of IP67, realizing all-round waterproofing.

ZW68-12 Circuit Breaker Details

Our company has obtained the type test report of the ZW68-12 intelligent pole-mounted circuit breaker in the West High School. This circuit breaker is currently the only pole switch in China that has an arc type test.

At the same time, our company has obtained the joint debugging report of the intelligent term.

Testing Report of ZW68-12 Pole-mounted circuit breaker

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