What is Switchgear?
September 11 , 2020

Switchgear (also known as a complete set of switches or a complete set of power distribution devices), it is electrical equipment based on circuit breakers, refers to the manufacturer according to the requirements of the primary electrical wiring diagram, the relevant high and low voltage electrical appliances (including control appliances, protection Electrical appliances, measuring appliances), as well as bus bars, current-carrying conductors, insulators, etc. are assembled in a closed or open metal cabinet as a device for receiving and distributing electrical energy in the power system. The common name of metal-enclosed switchgear, also called switch cabinet.

ASHARE switch cabinet is divided into low voltage switch cabinet and high voltage switch equipment.

Low-voltage switchgear refers to one or more low-voltage switchgear and related control, measurement, signal, protection, adjustment and other equipment. The manufacturer is responsible for completing all internal electrical and mechanical connections, and is completely assembled with structural components.


High-voltage switchgear is mainly used for high-voltage switches for power generation, transmission, power distribution and electric energy conversion, as well as a general term consisting of control, measurement, protection devices, electrical connections (busbars), enclosures, and support parts.

The Components of Switchgear

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