What is Smart Switchgear?
January 14 , 2021

Smart switchgear China Supplier is a new generation of intelligent medium voltage switchgear that our company absorbs domestic and foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology and independently innovates. The switchgear adopts domestic technology-leading permanent magnet vacuum technology or mature spring operating mechanism technology, and integrates modern advanced sensor technology, computer technology, measurement technology, communication network technology, etc. Real-time collection of equipment-level data through intelligent sensing sensors for analysis and processing, to achieve online monitoring, fault isolation, power supply self-recovery, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent operation and maintenance, and equipment life cycle assessment. This product is suitable for the development needs of the Internet of Things.

Smart switchgear China Supplier

Smart/ intelligent ring network switchgear is mainly used in power distribution networks, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, subways, stadiums, hospitals and other places to receive, distribute, control and protect electric energy, especially suitable for small footprint and frequent operations Users of outdoor box change.

Components of smart Switchgear

Smart/ intelligent ring network switchgear

  1. Intelligent ring network cabinet (permanent magnet / bomb operation)
  2. Partial discharge sensor
  3. Bus side partial discharge sensor probe
  4. magnet circuit breaker module
  5. Intelligent distributed terminal
  6. Ultrasonic partial discharge temperature
  7. Wireless passive temperature measuring device

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