What is high voltage switchgear?
September 11 , 2020

The high-voltage switchgear is an electrical equipment based on circuit breakers. It means that the manufacturer connects the relevant high and low voltage electrical appliances (including control appliances, protective appliances, and measuring appliances), bus bars, current-carrying conductors, Insulators, etc. are assembled in a closed or open metal cabinet as a device for receiving and distributing electrical energy in the power system.

High-voltage switchgear composition

A busbar room

B circuit breaker room

C Relay room

1 Pressure relief device

2 main bus

3 branch bus

4 Busbar bushing

5 Isolating switch

6 Current transformer

7 Isolating switch operating mechanism

8 Interlocking mechanism

9 Cable

10 Zinc oxide arrester

11 Ground bus

12 Control small bus

13 Earthing switch

14 Earthing switch operating mechanism

15 Vacuum circuit breaker

16 Heating device

17 Secondary plug

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