What is a medium voltage switchgear & classification?
March 26 , 2021

What is a medium voltage switchgear?

Our medium voltage switchgear is a series of power switchgear for users of the main power distribution system of medium voltage lines. This series of switchgear adopts vacuum interruption and air insulation technology to provide users with medium voltage switchgear solutions in the voltage range of 3.5 kV to 40.5 kV, which can be applied to scenarios that require medium voltage power interruption, control and protection. The medium voltage switchgear is composed of a cabinet body and a circuit breaker. It has the functions of overhead inlet and outlet, cable inlet and outlet, and bus connection. The cabinet is composed of a shell, electrical components (including insulators), various mechanisms, secondary terminals and connections.

KYN44 metal clad mv switchgear

What are the classifications of medium voltage switchgear?

According to the structure of medium voltage switchgear, there are several classifications of medium voltage switchgear:

(1) Semi-enclosed medium voltage switchgear, the front and sides of the cabinet are closed, and the back and busbars are exposed. The structure is simple, the cost is low, and the safety is poor, and it is close to being eliminated.

(2) The box-type mv switchgear has a metal shell, but the number of compartments is small, and the bus bar is also enclosed, which is safer. Such as XGN type.

(3) Interval type medium voltage switchgear, each room is separated by one or more non-metal partitions, and the safety type is better.

(4) Metal enclosure medium-voltage switchgear, each room is separated by metal partitions and grounded, with good safety, complex structure, high processing accuracy, and slightly higher price. Such as our KYN series

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