The Functions Of The Ring Main Unit (RMU)
December 29 , 2020

The functions of the Ring Main Unit system include:

ring main units (rmu)

1、Remote opening and closing or closing latching operation of the load switch or circuit breaker of each ring main unit from the control master station or sub-station, also can do it locally.

2、Obtain the contact position state, fuse state, circuit breaker fault protection state, contact position state of earthing switch and other information from the control master station or sub-station.

3、Obtain the electrical parameters of each circuit, such as voltage, current, zero-sequence voltage, zero-sequence power, power factor, frequency, etc., from the control master station or sub-station.

4、Optimize the configuration of the parameters of each distribution automation terminal from the control master station or sub-station.

5、Synchronized the clock of master station or sub-station and each distribution automation terminal system.

6、Obtain line fault information or abnormal information of each distribution automation terminal, combine master station or substation software, realize fault isolation, restore power supply to non-fault area, optimize network load configuration and reconstruction, etc.

ring main unit

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