The 4th China Power Distribution Technology Summit Forum
November 02 , 2020

On the afternoon of October 27, 2020, the China Power Distribution Technology Summit Forum was hosted by the China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the China Electricity Council Technology Development Service Center. The main forum of the conference will be live broadcast simultaneously, with 14,000 participants online.

Industry experts shared and discussed content such as the unified information model of the distribution network, the standardized design of distribution equipment, the reliability improvement technology of the distribution network, the distribution and consumption big data, and the intelligent metal-enclosed switchgear. Among them, in the field of power grid resources, relying on the construction of power grid resources and online power grids, it focuses on the construction of a "power grid, one map" of the whole link of "generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, use and new", and based on the "one map, three states" The optimization of basic common services across the entire network follows international standards such as IEC 61970/61968/62325, focusing on improving the design of related logic models on the main and distribution network sides, mainly involving power grid domains, asset domains, and integrated domains. The distribution network model of State Grid Corporation has carried out a number of construction work in terms of two systems and one platform model construction, distribution Internet of Things model construction, power grid resource business mid-station model construction, etc., completed in three aspects: standard system, technical system, and product system Accumulation of unified information model results. Realize the supporting role of deep integration of grid data, collaborative interaction of business systems, and standardized construction of business applications.

In this forum, a platform for publishing innovation achievements and an advanced technology exhibition area were set up to fully display R&D companies, power systems, universities and institutions through various forms such as results release, physical display, exhibition board display, video broadcast, exchanges and seminars, etc. More than 50 outstanding achievements in new technologies, new models, and new business formats have boosted the development of the industry.

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