Switchgear Maintenance And Inspection
November 10 , 2020

Suggestions for maintenance and inspection of switchgear users should pay special attention to the following points:

Regularly check the status of the circuit breaker and make necessary adjustment according to the requirements of the installation and operation manual of vacuum circuit breaker.

Check the propulsion mechanism and interlock of the handcart to make it meet the requirements of misoperation prevention.

Check the surface contamination, damp and corrosion of the insulation parts of switchgear regularly. Wipe the insulation surface dust with dry cloth regularly, and wipe off all kinds of dirty mark with silk cloth soak with household weak alkaline cleaning agent or safety cleaning agent (pay attention to whether the cleaning agent used is suitable for plastic and synthetic rubber materials).

The above inspection and maintenance work should be carried out more frequently for switchgear operated under especially harmful environmental conditions.

Check the condition of the main circuit contactor, wipe off the old grease on the moving and static contactor, check whether the contactor is damaged, whether the spring force has obvious change, whether the coating caused by excessive temperature abnormal oxidation phenomenon, such as the above similar phenomenon, should be dealt with in time.

Check the contactor of auxiliary circuit for abnormity and make necessary repair.

Check the connection of each part of the ground circuit to ensure the continuity of the ground circuit.

Switchgear Maintenance And Inspection

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