Switchgear Handcart,shell, baffle and pressure relief device
November 26 , 2020

Switchgear shell, baffle and pressure relief device

The shell and baffle of the switchgear are assembled by high-strength bolts (or rivets) after being processed and bent by CNC machine tools with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion aluminum-zinc plates. Therefore, the assembled switchgear can ensure the uniformity on the size and high mechanical strength.

The door surface paint of switchgear adopts polyester epoxy powder, which has the characteristics of impact resistance and corrosion resistance, and can Keep the appearance beautiful.

On the top of the switchgear, the pressure relief device is installed above the circuit breaker room, bus room and cable room. In the event of an internal fault arc, the pressure inside the switch cabinet will rise with the occurrence of the arc, and the pressure release metal plate installed on the top will be automatically opened to release pressure and discharge gas directionally. The special sealing ring installed on the door will seal up the front of the switchgear to ensure the safety of operators and switchgear.


The frame of handcart is made of cold-rolled steel plate welded by CNC machine tool. According to the purpose, the handcar configured in the circuit breaker room can be divided into circuit breaker handcar, voltage transformer handcar, fuse handcar, isolation handcar and so on. The same type specification handcart can realize interchangeability.

There are "work" position and "test" position in the cabinet for the circuit breaker handcart. Each position is equipped with a mechanical positioning blocking device to ensure that the handcart is in a specific position before operation.

When the handcar is pushed into the switchgear from the service car, it is first in the "test" position, and then the handcar is gradually rolled into the "work" position by the special handle. From the observation window of the switchgear door, you can observe the position of the car in the cabinet.

The circuit breaker handcar (see FIG. a, b, d) is equipped with vacuum arc extinguishing room and corresponding operating mechanism (see FIG. c is ZN21 spring operating mechanism).The circuit breaker in the handcar has a three-phase independent pole, which is mounted on the pole of the circuit breaker by the upper and lower touch arms equipped with petal type touch finger system.The secondary line of the operating mechanism is derived from the special secondary connector.

There are manual closing mechanical buttons, manual opening and closing mechanical buttons, closing and opening state indicator, closing spring energy storage/release state indicator, counter etc. on the panel of the circuit breaker handcart.

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