Operation Of Circuit Breaker Cabinet With Earth Switch
December 03 , 2020

1. Circuit breaker handcar enters the cabinet:

Inspect the condition of the circuit breaker carefully,check whether it is in good condition before circuit breaker handcar enter into the cabinet. Whether the circuit breaker is in the opening state, otherwise, must opening first. Whether tools and other sundries are omitted in the handcar, after confirming good, push the handcar into the cabinet and push the left and right handles of the handcar propulsion mechanism to lock the car in the test position.(Figure 1)

circuit breaker handcar

2. Circuit breaker handcar push out of the cabinet:

First, confirm that the handcar is in the test position, then pull out the aviation plug and lock it on the handcar, remove the lock between the handcar and the cabinet, and pull the handcar back to the cabinet.

3、When the handcar is locked in the test position and the aviation plug is plugged in (see Figure 2), then the VB5(ZN21D) circuit breaker is operated for test. To continue the operation, all cabinet doors must be closed and the circuit breaker must be in the opening state. Push the earth switch interlock lever to the handcar unlocking position (Figure 3). Then press down the operation hole baffle of the propulsion mechanism and insert it into the handcar operation handle. Rotate clockwise to make the handcar move forward until the overrunning clutch comes into effect and the operating shaft idles (Figure 4). At this time, the main circuit is closed and the handcar is in the working position (hot standby state), and the handcar can be closed and opened through the control of circuit.

High Voltage switchgear circuit breaker

If the handcar exits from the working position, turn the handle counterclockwise and the handcar moves backward until the overrunning clutch functions to make the operating shaft idle, then the handcar will back to the test position. At this time, the main circuit is disconnected and the valve is closed (in cold standby state).

4、Closing/opening earth switch operation:

1) Earth switch closing operation:

First confirm handcart in the test position, and the voltage display light completely extinguished, then push earth switch interlock to unlock position, unlock earth switch, press down earth switch operation baffle hole (Figure 5), inserted into the earth switch operating handle (Figure 6), clockwise rotate 320 °, the earth switch closed.

circuit breaker handcar

2) Earth switch opening operation:

First, confirm that the handcar is in the test position and the front and back doors are closed. Then insert the operating handle of the earth switch and turn it counterclockwise for 320°. The earth switch opened.

Note: Normal operation force of earth switch is ≤250N

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