New Environmental N2 Inflatable High Voltage RMU 12kV
October 13 , 2020

Today we would like to introduce one of our New Environmental N2 Inflatable High Voltage RMU

New Environmental N2 Inflatable High Voltage RMU

This new 12kV environment-friendly gas ring network cabinet is filled with nitrogen gas, which does not emit any toxic substances, is safer and environmentally friendly, and meets the needs of miniaturized space. Suitable for various power distribution systems-including extremely harsh environmental conditions, such as: user substations, power systems and public facilities substations and opening and closing stations, industrial wind power stations, high-rise buildings, airports, subway stations, port facilities .

Product Features:

  • The environmentally friendly gas N2 is used as an insulated conductor, which is safer and more environmentally friendly, with a fully enclosed, maintenance-free structure and low total cost.
  • Modular design, main bus expansion methods are divided into side expansion and top expansion, easy installation and flexible expansion. According to customer needs, any combination.
  • Intelligent design, advanced protection, control and monitoring functions, easy to realize distribution network automation.
  • Small size to meet the needs of miniaturized space.
  • Imported brand German Dikang authorized

The 12kV inflatable switch cabinet is maintenance-free and is suitable for places where the operating environment is not ideal such as ports, mountainous areas, and steel plants.

12kV inflatable switch cabinet


  1. The air box is completely insulated with environmentally gas N2

  2. The air box adopts a completely bare conductor without any compound insulation measures

  3. Internal arcing (level AFLR) fault current 31.5kA, duration 1S

  4. In the corrosion resistance test (salt spray test), the spray duration reached 168h;

  5. Enclosure protection level: enclosure IP4X, compartment IP2XC, air box enclosure (304/3mm stainless steel plate) protection level IP67;

  6. Mechanical life test: circuit breaker 20000 times (M2 level), three-station isolation/earth switch each 3000 times (M1 level);

  7. Partial discharge test: the partial discharge volume is less than or equal to 10pC when the test voltage is 1.2Ur;

ASHARE RMU cabinets are widely used in urban ring network power supply systems due to their small space occupation, long life, maintenance-free, safe and reliable characteristics. The ring main unit in the cabinet can be equipped with SF6 ring main unit, environmental gas (N2) ring main unit, solid insulation ring main unit, and atmospheric air ring main unit. Automatic laser welding and helium leak detection equipment are used to ensure that the gas cabinet protection level reaches IP67. Cooperating with automated terminals, functions such as protection, remote control, telemetry, automation, and centralized line loss management can be realized. Factory strict performance testing and running-in test before delivery to ensure the quality of each product.

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