How to operate the feeder cabinet?
January 05 , 2021

Feeder cabinet is one kind of metal clad switchgear, how does feeder cabinet give power supply? Do you know how to operate, please follow below instruction:

  • Preparation before power transmission
  1. Confirm that there are no leftovers and tools on the handcart and in the cabinet
  2. The grounding switch should be in the closed state

Feeder cabinet give power supply

(Note: the product must pass the product handover test after installation)

2. Close the rear door of the cable room.

Since the outlet end is not live, the electromagnetic lock has been unlocked at this time. Press the UNLOCK button and move the fork to the unlocked position. After the electromagnetic lock is in the open and locked position, close the rear door of the cable room. The electromagnetic lock automatically resets and is in the locked position.

Switchgear operation

3. Put the circuit breaker handcart in the test position.

Place the slope, manually press the opening button, the VB5 circuit breaker is in the opening state, push into the handcart room, pull the left and right operating handles on the propulsion mechanism inward to fix the circuit breaker In the test position. The position indicator shows that the circuit breaker is in the "test" position, connect the secondary plug.

Switchgear handcart operation

4. Close the front cabinet door.

5. Sub-grounding switch.

Since the outlet terminal is not live, the electromagnet can be unlocked at this time. Press the red unlock button to open the grounding switch operation hole shutter, and the grounding switch operation hole shutter is aligned with the operation hole Position, insert the handle, turn the handle counterclockwise, the sub-grounding switch will hear the opening sound, at this time, the grounding switch indicates "off", pull out the handle, the grounding switch operating hole shutter automatically resets, covering the operating hole.

6. Push the circuit breaker to the working position.

Push the grounding release lever on the handcart propulsion mechanism into the handcart unlocking position, press down the operating hole shutter of the handcart propulsion mechanism, move the handle in and align the handle with the operating hole, insert the handle, and turn clockwise On the handle, a "click" sound is heard. At this time, the upper propulsion mechanism is clutched, the circuit breaker is in the working position, and the position shows that the circuit breaker is in the working position. Pull out the handle, reset the operating hole shutter, and cover the operating hole. At this time, the secondary aviation plug is interlocked and the secondary aviation head is locked and cannot be pulled out.

7. Circuit breaker energy storage

When the miniature circuit breaker energy storage switch in the instrument room is closed, the circuit breaker starts to store energy, the energy storage indicator light is on, and the energy storage is successful.

8. Circuit breaker closing

When operating locally, turn the switch on and off on the dashboard to the on position. At this time, the circuit breaker is closed, the closing indicator is red and the green light is off, and the power supply is complete.

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