High Voltage Switchgear Installation Of Busbar
November 18 , 2020

1.Main bus installation

The main busbar use rectangular busbar in switchgear. In consideration of the convenience of installing the main bus, the main bus is segmented made according to the width and length of the cabinet. The basic steps of main bus installation are as follows:

1)After inspecting the busbar bushing without damage, install busbar bushing and supporting busbar bushing board

2)Wipe the bus with a clean and dry soft cloth, and daub a conductive paste or neutral vaseline on the connecting part.

3)Install the main bus line one cabinet after another, and complete the connection between the main bus line and branch bus line.

2. Installation of grounding main bus

The basic steps of grounding main bus installation are as follows:

1)Use the preset connecting plate to connect the grounding main bus of each cabinet segment in turn.

2)Connect all the leads that need to be grounded inside the switchgear

3)Connect the grounding wire of the grounding switch to the grounding main bus.

4)Connect the foundation frame to the grounding main bus in an appropriate way. If the number of switchgears is more than 10, there should be at least two connection points.

High voltage switchgear structure

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