Definition and classification of medium voltage switchgear
February 02 , 2021

Defination of medium voltage switchgear

Switchgear is the common name of metal-enclosed switchgear. In the busbar section system, it is used to receive and distribute electric energy, and to control, protect, monitor and measure the power circuit. According to the definition of GB3906 (3.6~40.5kV metal-enclosed switchgear), metal-enclosed switchgear refers to a switchgear that is completely enclosed by a metal shell except for incoming and outgoing wires.

Classification of medium voltage switchgear

1) . According to product name
a. Armored AC metal enclosed switchgear
A metal-enclosed switchgear in which certain components are respectively installed in a grounded compartment separated by a metal partition.

b. Interval AC metal-enclosed switchgear
The compartmentalized type is the same as the armored type. Some components are also located in separate compartments, but they have one or more non-metallic partitions.

c. Box-type AC metal-enclosed switchgear
Metal-enclosed switchgear except for armored and bay type.

2). According to structural characteristics

a. Fixed type

SF6 load switches, vacuum load switches, compressed air load switches, etc. all adopt fixed installation methods. Features: reliable operation, inconvenient maintenance.

b. Removable type

The circuit breaker handcart, PT handcart, metering handcart, isolation handcart, etc. all adopt the removal installation method. Features: Easy maintenance, plum blossom contacts are prone to failure.

3). According to the place of use

a. Indoor type

b. Outdoor type

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