Classification and Compartment Introduction of low-voltage switchgear
January 26 , 2021

First, ASHARE company would like to introduce the classification of LV switchgear.

  • By the structure
1) Fixed type switchgear

It can satisfy that the electrical components are reliably fixed in the determined position in the cabinet. The shape of the cabinet is generally cubic, such as screen type, box type, etc., and there are also prisms such as table top. This kind of cabinet has a single row and also has an arrangement.

In order to ensure the shape and size of the cabinet, the components are often combined step by step. Generally, two pieces or left and right sides are formed first, and then the cabinet is formed, or the shape requirements are met first, and then the internal supports of the cabinet are connected in sequence. The length of the parts forming the edges of the cabinet must be correct (the tolerance is negative) to ensure the geometric dimensions of all aspects, thereby ensuring the overall shape requirements. For both sides of the cabinet, due to the need for arrangement, there should be no bulge in the middle.

In addition, from the perspective of installation, there should be no sag on the bottom surface. In the arrangement and installation, the foundation leveling is a prerequisite, but the dryness and the cabinet itself have certain errors. In the arrangement, the horizontal difference should be offset as much as possible, and the difference should not be accumulated, because the accumulation of the difference will cause the cabinet to deform. , It affects the bus connection and causes the components to be installed out of place, stress concentration, and even affects the life of electrical appliances. Therefore, it is advisable to use the highest point of the foundation as the installation reference point when arranging, and then gradually expand the arrangement. Under the condition that the bottom dryness is ideal and predictable, the arrangement can also be expanded from the middle to the two sides to make the accumulated difference evenly cloth.

In order to facilitate adjustment and offset the accumulation of tolerances, the cabinet width tolerances are all negative. After the combination of each component of the cabinet body is completed, it should be reshaped as necessary to meet the requirements of the shape and size of each part. For cabinets with a finalized shape or a large batch, full consideration should be given to the use of tooling and fixtures to ensure the correct and uniform structure. The base surface of the fixture should be taken from the bottom surface. The positioning blocks in the fixture should be arranged in accordance with the ease of work removal. Because the outer doors of the cabinet are easily affected by transportation and installation, they are generally adjusted during installation.

drawer type switchgear

2) Drawable/ draw-out switchgear

The draw-out type is composed of a fixed cabinet and a movable device part equipped with main electrical components such as switches. The movable part should be light and portable when being replaced, and the positioning should be reliable after being moved, and the drawers of the same type and specification can be reliably interchanged and drawn out The processing method of the cabinet in the formula is basically similar to that of the fixed cabinet. However, due to the interchange requirements, the accuracy of the cabinet must be improved, and the relevant parts of the structure must have sufficient adjustments. As for the movable device part, it must be able to be replaced, and the main components must be reliably installed, so it must be higher. With high mechanical strength and high precision, the relevant parts must have sufficient adjustment.

fixed type switchgear

  • By the Usage
1) For power distribution:

feeder cabinet(PC: Power Center)

2) For Control:

MCC control Center Cabinet (MCC: Motor Control Center)

3) For Compensation:

such as reactive power compensation cabinet (capacitor cabinet)

In order to protect the safety of people and equipment, the switchgear is divided into several compartments in different ways, please see below chart

lv switchgear compartment

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