12kV intelligent MV Switchgear self-test measures Introduction
April 23 , 2021

12kv mv switchgear panel self-test measures Introduction

Introduction Part II

---------Measures to ensure the accuracy of the turning cabinet

  • Guarantee measures for temperature rise performance

Through the accumulation of long-term operating experience and continuous test verification, the company has set up a unique and cost-effective temperature rise performance program.

switchgear temperature rise performance

The plant is equipped with temperature rise test equipment to verify the designed temperature rise performance scheme.

switchgear test

Intelligent temperature measurement measures.

  • Insulation performance assurance measures

Through the simulation analysis of the electric field distribution, it is used as an important basis for the simulation of the bus bar orientation and insulation distribution in the cabinet. The bus bar is rounded to effectively remove the residual burrs and improve the stress concentration of the bus bar, reduce the partial discharge, slow down the aging process of the insulating parts, and extend the service life of the insulating parts. Lightning shock and local discharge test tests are conducted in the plant.

switchgear test

  • Guarantee measures for circuit breaker performance

    ASHARE company has advanced circuit breaker production lines and inspection equipment to ensure the production and inspection of circuit breakers, etc.

    vcb production line

    The company configures special breaker mechanical characteristics testing equipment according to the simulation design, which can detect and analyze whether the mechanical characteristics of the breaker meet the requirements.

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